The possibilities and developments in sustainable LED lighting grow almost on a daily basis. The possibilities are increasing and it’s getting more and more affordable, too. It is therefore important to deal with applications in a creative manner and to know the way to the right solutions.

We like to take this role upon ourselves, from exchanging ideas up to delivery, and of course maintenance. We can also be a link between the different parties involved directly or indirectly in the realization of the project. This includes government and municipalities, but also residents and entrepreneurs. On the other hand, think of suppliers and service providers, property owners, construction partners and possibly even subsidizing agencies. Wherever possible, we would like to work with local partners who know the region.

It may seem to be a complex, diffuse world for those who are not in the middle of it. We are happy to manage your project, from design to delivery, but also organizationally. For example, we can help with permits, presenting plans to affected persons and stakeholders, and matching the various expectations.

We would like to shed light on your business – or on another item of course.


A good start

All successes start with a good plan. You have a wish, an idea and want to find the right shape and completion. We know the current possibilities and have the creativity, expertise and network to realize this.



We like to think about LED lighting inside and outside from the start. Years of experience taught us that there are many possibilities, even at locations where you would not expect it right away. We are looking forward to a challenge. Our motto?  It’s the result that counts!

Affordable solutions

When budgets have to be considered, it is still possible to realize a head turner; a project that catches the eye. We provide comfort in many ways, with effective results and the promises it stays affordable.

Project management

LED-lighting is not a daily business for most people. For us it is! As part of a larger whole or as a standalone project, we would like to take care of your organization. Of course, according to your rules and with structural feedback.


There are often many parties involved in an LED-lighting project. We know a lot of those players, we know the market and the possibilities but also the obstacles. If desired, we take a pivotal role as a relationship manager and director.


LED-lighting is already sustainable because of its low energy consumption, but it can go much further. Material use, production, installation itself and maintenance can also help reduce your ecological footprint.

Tax benefits

Who invests in energy-efficient LED technology can use the Energy Investment Deduction scheme in many situations. This yields an average of 13.5% in addition to the savings on usage. There are also subsidy schemes available; we can advise you about the possibilities.



Operating your LED lighting remotely? With a computer or mobile device? Change the mood lighting with one click to white light in case of emergency? Or adjust the light colours and scene depending on the weather or the ambience? Endless possibilities, we’ll be happy to arrange for you.


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